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Staff of three leverages Adobe Premiere Pro integration with Cantemo Portal for asset management to boost quality and create efficient workflow. Read more here.

The integrated workflow we have with Adobe video tools and Cantemo Portal allows us to create more video of even higher caliber, much faster, and with a staff of only three people.


Read more about how University of Tennessee accomplished the following with the help of our close partners 1303 Systems and Meta Media CT:

  • Created integrated asset management and content creation workflow to increase efficiency
  • Remained within Adobe Premiere Pro interface to search for and incorporate assets
  • Generated massive amounts of live, TV, and web content with staff of only three
  • Boosted audience engagement by incorporating historical, memorable content with ease

During this year's NAB, we demonstrated our integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, and how it enables editors to work entirely within the NLE.

See Digistor's post-NAB round-up webinar on Cantemo Portal™.

Cantemo newsletter for May is now published and can be found here.

  • Cantemo Portal 1.5.3 Release
  • Shows and Events
    • Broadcast Asia, Singapore
    • SMPTE show, Sydney
    • Thailand Broadcasting Exhibition
    • VideoVisions 2013, London, München, and Paris
  • And more...

Past issues can be found here.

AA Media Group, one of the Cantemo master system integrators in the Benelux region, will showcase Cantemo Portal at the AVM broadcasting show 2013 in the Dutch media city Hilversum. Contact AA Media Group.

Cantemo newsletter for April is now published and can be found here.

  • NAB 2013 summary
  • Upcoming release: Cantemo Portal™ 1.6
  • Cantemo Portal™ at the KOBA show
  • New screencast available: Premiere Pro CS6
  • And more...

Past issues can be found here.

South Korean Cantemo partners Toolsmedia and Dugo Enc will be showcasing Cantemo Portal™ at the KOBA show 2013.

  • Toolsmedia - Stand C622
  • Dugo Enc - Stand C823

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Leading software developer for the rich media industry Cantemo has announced the release of a Cantemo Portal™ App integrating the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with the upcoming release of Adobe® Premiere® Pro software.

The new App follows the same successful approach as the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software, and is an integrated panel within the next version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Editors and other creatives are able to take advantage of key features in Cantemo Portal™ such as search for source material, drag and drop to the timeline, and post back the rendered result with the metadata without having to leave the main application interface.

“As excitement for the next release of Adobe Premiere Pro software continues to grow, we are pleased that Cantemo Portal™ will be fully integrated.” said Parham Azimi, CEO of Cantemo. “As it becomes effortless to upgrade to the most recent versions of the Adobe software, we believe it is imperative for our customers to be able to leverage using the latest Adobe software with our media asset management products.”

“At NAB, we are revealing the next version of our video editing tools, including some incredible new features that Adobe customers will be very excited about,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “We know that a digital management solution is extremely important for video editors to include in their workflow. The integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Cantemo gives our customers a complete and intuitive experience that makes their creative process easier.”

Cantemo will showcase the complete Cantemo Portal™ solution including the App for the upcoming version of Adobe Premiere Pro App at NAB 2013, booth SL5621.

At NAB, Adobe is previewing the next generation of its professional video and audio products (NAB Booth SL3910). Learn more about the next versions of Adobe’s pro video and audio tools here. More information about Adobe's upcoming new video tools will be unveiled at Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, May 4-8 in Los Angeles, CA.

Cantemo will exhibit at this year's NAB in Las Vegas, between April 8-11. You can catch a Cantemo Portal™ demo at the following locations:

  • Cantemo/Object Matrix/Vidispine - SL5621
  • Adobe (Monday April 8th) - SL3910
  • Archiware - SL12710
  • GB Labs - SL5016
  • SAN Solutions - SU7814
  • Tools on Air - SL12810
  • Partner Meta Media CT will also hold private Cantemo Portal™ demo sessions in a suite at the Renaissance Hotel.

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Recording of the live webinar hosted by partner Digistor which provided an overview and live demonstration of Cantemo Portal™ media asset management system can be found on YouTube.

  • Introduction and company overview
  • Demo: General overview
    • Adminstration: User, groups, transcode profiles, storage management, and more
    • Ingest and upload
    • Manage, search and browse content
    • Metadata management
  • Demo: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 panel
  • Demo: Cantemo Rough Cut Editor
  • Demo: Open content and sequences in Final Cut Pro X and post back to the MAM
  • Demo: Cantemo Annotation Tool
  • Demo: Opening annotations as keywords in Final Cut Pro X
  • Demo: Cantemo Audit Tool
  • Q&A