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We are pleased to announce the release of Cantemo Portal™ v1.4. This version includes over 40 new features and 30 fixes.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Red Hat, CentOS, and Scientific Linux are now supported as platforms.
  • License key mechanism support for 3rd party Apps.
  • Support for a list of new formats including MXF DNxHD (VC3)
  • Growing file support in Google Chrome

For more information or to get a copy of this version, please contact us or your local reseller.

Cantemo, leading software developer for the rich media industry, is pleased to announce the new name of its MAM product: Cantemo Portal™. This change is part of a larger investment in the Cantemo brand to emphasize a more unified market approach.

Cantemo currently has two MAM offerings; the out-of-the-box solution focusing on workgroups up to 60 users, and a full-blown MAM for greater needs.

“We believe the name change will bring a more straightforward message that both offerings are based on the same infrastructure and code base. It is in fact one product, one brand, offered in two packages” said Parham Azimi, CEO of Cantemo.

  • Cantemo Portal™ will be the new name of the Cantemo out-of-the-box MAM (previously called MediaBox DAM)
  • Cantemo Portal™ Enterprise will be the enterprise version (previously called Portal DAM)

“A strategic step in this change has also been to remove the white-labeling option of the Cantemo products.” said Azimi, “This does not affect the theming possibilities. Our partners are still able theme the interface using customized look and feel to optimize the end-user experience. However, the product will be marketed and sold as a Cantemo product globally.”

This change affects product labeling, advertising, user documentation, website materials and other printed or electronics documentation.

It’s with great excitement that we unveil our new website. Aside from an updated look, the new website presents a clearer overview of our product portfolio and brand, making it easier for our partners and end-customers to better understand the wide range of capabilities of our products.

Cantemo and Ivory have agreed on a strategic partnership where Ivory and its network of partners will repesent Cantemo and Cantemo Portal™ in the French territory.

Cantemo, leading software developer for the rich media industry, and Vidispine, innovators in media asset management software, continue their development of the successful out-of-the-box digital asset management solution, Cantemo Portal™ DAM.

Cantemo Portal™ was released early this year as a highly customizable and adaptable media asset management solution commercially designed for small broadcasters, workgroups, post houses, and any other SME with a need to manage media content. By establishing an eco-system of system integrators and resellers around Portal, the solution has been expanded, customized, and deployed globally in multiple sectors, including post-production, educational, and energy.

“We believe in providing a solid solution to all core media asset management problems which are generic and cross-market,” said Parham Azimi, CEO and Co-Founder at Cantemo. “But Cantemo Portal™ is so much more than that. With its Apps and Themes infrastructure, including a comprehensive RESTful API and a set of open-standard libraries, we are providing a wide-ranging toolset for our partners to expand and shape the solution to fit exactly to their end-customers’ needs.”

"Cantemo share our mission of creating next generations DAM systems by engaging a strong eco-system of smart companies and solutions," said Erik Åhlin, CEO and Co-Founder at Vidispine. "Beyond this, Cantemo Portal™ provides a solid base framework and an intuitive user interface which is increasingly an important differentiating factor between various DAM solutions."

The eco-system around Portal is constantly growing with partners who recognize the potential of the solution. The list includes pioneers from the Apple Final Cut Server community who have jumped on the Cantemo train. Of particular note is André Aulich who recently joined the ecosystem.

“Cantemo Portal™ is simply the most flexible and easy-to-use DAM available today. It supports all kinds of NLE systems like FCP 7, FCP X and Adobe Premiere CS6 and can be easily extended through third-party Apps to cover your workflow in every little detail,” said André Aulich, Founder of moosystems. “For instance, in moofs we have extended Portal by adding real-time file change detection on Xsan volumes, Final Cut Server migration tools and PresSTORE archive integration to archive items from-disk-to-disk-to-tape.”

Other available Apps for Cantemo Portal™ include web-based and frame-accurate Rough Cut Editor and Annotation Tool and integration with market leading NLE’s.

The complete Portal solution including both Cantemo Apps and some of the partner Apps are showcased at IBC 2012, booth 7.J15d in hall 7.

Leading software developer for the rich media industry Cantemo has announced the release of an App that introduces an in-depth integration with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6 Software.

The new App enables editors and producers to work within Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 while taking advantage of, key features in Cantemo Portal™ such as search for source material from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, drag and drop to the timeline, and posting back the rendered result with the metadata to capture everything without leaving the main application interface.

“We are very excited about this release for numerous reasons. Not only are we providing comprehensive and native DAM connectivity for editors using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, but we are also showing a clear example of the possibilities of the Portal Apps infrastructure that allows any third-party to introduce customized Apps and integration points,” said Parham Azimi, CEO of Cantemo.

“Adobe believes in providing the best solutions that save time and money for our customers,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic partnerships at Adobe. “Cantemo’s new media app and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 are integrated into its open-ended DAM solution to deliver a complete and intuitive user experience for our customers.”

Cantemo will showcase the complete Portal solution including the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 App at IBC 2012, booth 7.J15d in hall 7.

ToolsOnAir continues the integration of Media Asset Management into their acclaimed just: Broadcast Suite of applications for broadcast video professionals. With the introduction of just:mam, ToolsOnAir's Broadcast Suite now includes direct implementation of a powerful set of Media Asset Management tools.

In cooperation with Cantemo and Vidispine Backbone, ToolsOnAir will use this year's IBC Show to introduce a complete, end-to-end workflow solution that adds high end, scalable Media Asset Management to their existing multichannel ingest and playout automation tools. Integrated into just:in for ingest, and just:play and just:live for playout, just:mam delivers fast and easy access to a wide range of media and metadata, all within the intuitive ToolsOnAir "TV Station in a Mac Mini" user interface. just:mam also offers deep integration into the Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6 user interface, enabling editors and producers to work entirely within the Premiere Pro environment, facilitating features such as search for source material from just:mam, drag and drop to the timeline, and posting back the rendered result including metadata.

As Gilbert Leb, ToolsOnAir's VP of Sales and Marketing, explains, just:mam offers the ideal missing link in the workflow from ingest to playout, including Newsroom integration with ENPS or OCTOPUS.

"Our customers have made it clear that modern media asset management capability is a must-have in today's connected world," adds Leb. "After considerable research, we determined that Cantemo Portal™ based on Vidispines' Backbone offers the strongest foundation on which to base just:mam. It offers tremendous capability to grow and expand with our customers' needs."

"We believe in letting our users continue using the tools they love and are familiar with," states Erik Åhlin, CEO and Co-Founder of Vidispine. "just:mam is a fantastic example of exactly this philosophy. Not only can ToolsOnAir's existing customer base add asset management to their workflow, but with the ability to deploy key functions within the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 user interface, users get what they need, using the tools they want to use. To me, this is what workflow innovation is all about."

"One of the foundations of our vision when we started building our DAM solution was to design a flexible system which can be expanded and adapted to fit seamlessly in to existing infrastructures and workflows," said Parham Azimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Cantemo. "just:mam is the perfect example of this vision in a real life scenario where existing and new customers to ToolsOnAir can choose to introduce media asset management capabilities to their current and future workflows." ToolsOnAir will be showcasing just:mam at Booth 7.G39 at this year's IBC Show in Amsterdam.

moosystems' archive app adds archive and restore features to Cantemo Portal™ using LTO-libraries.

Data management specialist Archiware, asset management expert Cantemo and the MAM specialists at moosystems have teamed up to offer an integrated archive solution within Portal. Within their familiar Portal interface, users can now move individual assets as well as entire collections of assets to the archive, or restore them back to the online storage. The archive app supports disk-to-disk-to-tape archive workflows and allows for both manual and automatic archiving of assets.

More information on the availability, pricing and features of the app can be found at, the company run by the same people who wrote fiprecon, the PresSTORE integration for Apple's Final Cut Server system.

Archiving pays off, saving space on the high-performance and most expensive storage. LTO tapes are the most reliable and cost efficient way for long term media archives. More than 4 million drives have been sold and more than 200 million LTO tapes. The LTO consortium consist of IBM, HP and Quantum.

“With the remarkable growth of file-based workflows, we have seen a clear need for our customers to seamlessly and transparently archive, restore, distribute and share their rich media," said Parham Azimi, CEO of Cantemo. "With this App, which extends the Portal core functionality, moosystems has been able to target this exact need of today's production, broadcast, and post production professionals."

"Cantemo Portal™ is simply the best MAM available for broadcast and postproduction environments, while Archiware PresSTORE provides the most intuitive and rock-solid archive solution with very responsive development and support personnel," says André Aulich, founder of moosystems. "To us it was an obvious decision to glue these tools together to provide an even better connection between MAM and tape archive than we have provided with fiprecon, which connected Final Cut Server to PresSTORE."

Cantemo will exhibit at this year's IBC. We will be showcasing the following:

  • Cantemo Portal™ Core out of the box MAM
  • Annotation Tool
  • Rough Cut Editor
  • Final Cut Pro 7 Integration
  • Final Cut Pro X Integration
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Integration
  • Audit Tool
  • Rules Engine
  • Live ingest and tailmode previewing

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