Same flexible infrastructure, two editions

Both editions share the same flexible technical platform and code base. This includes the Apps and Themes infrastructure, and so all the existing Apps and Themes are fully compatible with both editions. This also means a native upgrade path from the standard to the enterprise edition as your business grows, without any migration of data.

Side by side

Standard Edition

The standard edition of Cantemo Portal™ is the ideal off-the-shelf Digital Asset Management system for 5-60 seat workgroups, providing support for a comprehensive list of essential media workflows ready to integrate.

Enterprise Edition

Cantemo Portal™ Enterprise Edition takes the entire solution to a whole new level in regards to system dimensions and scalability, compatibility with a range of different operating systems, database and application servers.

Deployment model
  • 1 server deployment
  • Flexible
Max Number of Users
  • 60
  • Unlimited
Max number of storages allowed
  • Up to 40
  • Unlimited
Max number of assets
  • Up to 1 million
  • Unlimited
Max number of transcoders
  • 1
  • Unlimited
Cantemo Portal™ Foundations
Cantemo Portal™ Apps Infrastructure
Redundancy and High-availability
Multi-lingual support
Operating systems support
  • Red Hat 6.x/7.x | CentOS 6.x/7.x
  • Red Hat 6.x/7.x | CentOS 6.x/7.x
Database support
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL