Final Cut Server Migration

Providing a smooth migration path from your Final Cut Server

Looking for a Final Cut Server replacement?

We know that a lot of media and information businesses currently using Final Cut Server as their media asset management system are forced to look for alternative solutions. If you are one of these companies you might find the following relevant in your research.

Final Cut Server Migration

Cantemo Portal is the ideal replacement for Final Cut Server users who want to continue with their current workflows - but also significantly leverage them in a modern and flexible environment without any significant efforts or changes in their everyday lives.

An easy three step process takes you from your existing Final Cut Server to working with the same content in Cantemo Portal™.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

1. Final Cut Server

Your Final Cut Server may contain many assets, workflows and other content that you have invested in such as:

Media Files.

Metadata and ACLs.


Ingest and Export Workflows.

Editorial Workflow.

External Scripts based on events.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

2. Migration App

The CP Migration App does the following for you:

Create the customized FCSvr metadata structures in Portal.

Migrate your media in-place without time-consuming copying.

Include metadata for each asset.

Map your productions including metadata to collections in Portal.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

3. Continue working

Now that all your content and metadata have been migrated across you can continue safe in the knowledge that you can benefit from Cantemo Portal™ unique and accessible features while taking advantage of new workflows on your existing media.

You can also benefit from an updated environment, particularly suited for Apple workflows.

Apple ProRes Decode and Encode support.

Integration with Final Cut Pro 6 & 7.

Integration with Final Cut Pro X.

Extensible and supported by a rich eco-system.

Going even further

One of the most loved features from Final Cut Server was its ability to trigger external scripts, this feature is also available with ScriptRunner™.


This App from Meta Media Creative Technologies subscribes to metadata changes in Cantemo Portal™ and runs any executable, in order, and can hand over any metadata fields to those executables.

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Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool