Cantemo iconik™

Unifying Creative Minds

iconik is built on a strong conviction. We’re convinced that to achieve great things you have to be able to bring people together. Because when you are able to unify creative minds, anything is possible.
And that’s when the magic happens.

Finding new ways of working together means that we can achieve better things. It means that we can act together as people, towards a common goal. And that’s what we set out to do with iconik. It’s a celebration to every aspect of bridging distances. Between people. Departments. Technologies. Cultures. And not the least geographic locations, and the stories between us that need to be told.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and experience amongst a diverse group, you can tackle challenges that can’t be solved on your own. Harnessing the power of the collective, and uncovering new and innovative solutions to everyday business problems.

In short: We are visionaries, rooted in reality. With iconik, we want to make unnecessary obstacles obsolete in order to help you, wherever you are, whatever your role is, to create your most iconik work ever.

Natively Built for the Cloud

iconik is natively built for the cloud with hybrid cloud support to manage on-premise storage and workflows.

  • All core media management operations in the cloud.
  • Aggregate media assets from multiple sources, whether it's from your Portal, or your local storage, or cloud storage.
  • Each module is elastic. No more planning the scale for peak hours, and instead automatically scale based on actual needs.
  • Cloud infrastructure more resilient to down-time.

Hybrid Cloud and On-premise Workflow Support

We've built this service to let you take advantage of both your in office and cloud operations.

  • Keep your original assets at your location(s), but keeping a proxy with metadata in the cloud available to all. Or consolidate everything in the cloud.
  • Aggregate media assets from multiple geographically distributed sources, for instance your regional offices.
  • Our Local Storage Worker service monitors your on-premise files, transcodes and pushes content to the cloud automatically based on your preferences.
  • Use the built-in transcoder in the Local Storage Worker to automatically create proxies and generate keyframes or integrate with your existing transcoding farm.
Review and Approve

Global Collaboration

With iconik, you can provide access to your assets on global basis. Invite colleagues and external stakeholders to participate in the process of content creation and content management.

  • Review and Approve assets with existing or non-existing users.
  • Timecode based commenting including approving or rejecting versions.
  • Instant notification on asset updates.

AI Based Content Discovery

iconik uses machine learning to analyse your image and video assets.

  • Built-in AI framework for media analytics takes the complexity out of tagging and metadata entry.
  • Video Intelligence extracts content and meaning as metadata and even results on a scene-by-scene basis. Instantly available as searchable timecode based tags.
  • Images are analyzed for content, including object detection.
  • Easily review and approve the suggested recognised tags.
  • Google Video Intelligence is our preferred choice but other machine learning solutions can easily be plugged in to the framework, including custom trained systems.
Google Video Intelligence

Proxy NLE Workflow Support

Adobe Premiere panel supporting proxy workflow.

  • Collaborate globally during your editorial process.
  • Edit and share Premiere Pro projects using proxies.
  • Easily open content that is shown on the cloud from your local editing workstation.
  • Collect the original assets when you need to render out your sequences.

Want to know more?

iconik is currently in beta, and is planned to be released end of 2017. If you'd like to find out more, or set up a trial account, please contact us. In the meanwhile, sign up here to get notified on updates, or contact us.