Case Study

We really appreciate the fact that the services we are delivering are reliable and robust, thanks to some of the new technical services that have been installed, including Cantemo Portal.

Cantemo Portal™ Implemented Following Burst Water Main

Having suffered a burst water main, which put extra pressure on an already outdated, end-of-life system, WNMU was looking to overhaul its entire system. The resulting power outage severely disabled the station, so WNMU was clear it needed a modular approach to build in valuable redundancy and make replacing individual components much easier.

Cantemo Portal has been implemented to manage the broadcaster’s entire workflow. It has been integrated with each component of the new system, meaning everything can be handled and managed within Portal. WNMU has also established a number of custom workflows and rules using the Cantemo Rules Engine.

Cantemo Portal has enabled us to build custom workflows for today, but at the same time has plenty of room for future integration. Having Cantemo Portal in place means that we know, no matter how much content we generate, we can stay in control.


At the same time, compatibility was a key concern, as the platform would need to manage assets across multiple storage platforms, and geographical locations, whilst integrating seamlessly with various non-linear editing system to ensure an efficient process.

WNMU TV 13 had a very clear set of objectives and wish list, which really helped the station to get a unique and flexible system to meet those objectives precisely. Our modular approach also means that WNMU can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t lose everything should it experience another catastrophe!