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Powerful Media Management Made for Everyone

Sharing media and global collaboration is effortless in iconik. Now, with advanced Artificial Intelligence, it is easier than ever to discover your content.

Connecting the dots between media and people

People and media all across the world; that’s the reality companies live with, and iconik is there to connect the dots.

Built for the cloud, iconik will bridge the distances between people, regions and cultures. Here, media management is simple. With fewer obstacles, creative minds can unite to tell their stories.

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A platform for...

Unifying Creative Minds

All Your Content Visible in One Place

With iconik’s hybrid cloud structure, you can connect to any storage and have a complete view over all your media.

Work smart with AI

iconik uses AI technology to analyze and automatically tag your content. Adding intelligence to your media makes it easier to manage.

Share with Anyone

Sharing in iconik is easy, and you have total control over every aspect of it. Share with anyone while controlling their access.

Integrate iconik into your existing workflow

iconik can integrate with Adobe CC, as well as Final Cut Pro. This allows you to find and add content quickly into your project without ever leaving your software.

Integrate iconik with Portal

Cantemo Portal can synchronize automatically iconik. This integration offers more ease to sharing and collaborating globally with both internal and external stakeholders.


With iconik, you can share, review, approve, and edit videos together. It serves as a creative haven for you and your team.

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