moosystems’ archive app adds archive and restore features to Cantemo Portal™ using LTO-libraries.

Data management specialist Archiware, asset management expert Cantemo® and the MAM specialists at moosystems have teamed up to offer an integrated archive solution within Portal. Within their familiar Portal interface, users can now move individual assets as well as entire collections of assets to the archive, or restore them back to the online storage. The archive app supports disk-to-disk-to-tape archive workflows and allows for both manual and automatic archiving of assets.

More information on the availability, pricing and features of the app can be found at, the company run by the same people who wrote fiprecon, the PresSTORE integration for Apple’s Final Cut Server system.

Archiving pays off, saving space on the high-performance and most expensive storage. LTO tapes are the most reliable and cost efficient way for long term media archives. More than 4 million drives have been sold and more than 200 million LTO tapes. The LTO consortium consist of IBM, HP and Quantum.

With the remarkable growth of file-based workflows, we have seen a clear need for our customers to seamlessly and transparently archive, restore, distribute and share their rich media. With this App, which extends the Portal core functionality, moosystems has been able to target this exact need of today's production, broadcast, and post production professionals.


Cantemo Portal™ is simply the best MAM available for broadcast and postproduction environments, while Archiware PresSTORE provides the most intuitive and rock-solid archive solution with very responsive development and support personnel. To us it was an obvious decision to glue these tools together to provide an even better connection between MAM and tape archive than we have provided with fiprecon, which connected Final Cut Server to PresSTORE."