Cantemo®, leading software developer for the rich media industry, is pleased to announce the new name of its MAM product: Cantemo Portal™. This change is part of a larger investment in the Cantemo brand to emphasize a more unified market approach.

Cantemo currently has two MAM offerings; the out-of-the-box solution focusing on workgroups up to 60 users, and a full-blown MAM for greater needs.

We believe the name change will bring a more straightforward message that both offerings are based on the same infrastructure and code base. It is in fact one product, one brand, offered in two packages.

  • Cantemo Portal™ will be the new name of the Cantemo out-of-the-box MAM (previously called MediaBox DAM)
  • Cantemo Portal™ Enterprise will be the enterprise version (previously called Portal DAM)

A strategic step in this change has also been to remove the white-labeling option of the Cantemo products. This does not affect the theming possibilities. Our partners are still able theme the interface using customized look and feel to optimize the end-user experience. However, the product will be marketed and sold as a Cantemo product globally.


This change affects product labeling, advertising, user documentation, website materials and other printed or electronics documentation.