Cantemo® has today announced the launch of the beta version of its hybrid cloud media management solution, Cantemo iconik™. Built natively for the cloud, iconik will have the ability to work independently or integrate with Cantemo Portal™, Cantemo’s existing Media Asset Management solution.

iconik logo beta

The media landscape is changing, so the way in which content owners manage media is having to do the same. Many organisations are seeing the benefits of moving to a cloud, or in many cases, hybrid cloud environment. iconik is built specifically for those environments, whilst being scalable and affordable. This means that it can cater to the smallest of organisations, and to the biggest, offering a new level of efficiency in global collaborative workflows.


iconik will form an elastic and extensible media aggregation and management platform in the cloud, continuing to offer core functionalities including ingestion, distribution, rights adherence and metadata processing. Being cloud-based, iconik will offer other unique benefits to the customer, enabling true hybrid cloud collaboration and rapid scalability.

As a media management platform built specifically for the cloud, iconik can be deployed any cloud provider, allowing customers to ‘pick their own cloud’. More importantly, iconik also enables a Bring Your Own Storage approach so there is no need for customers to migrate huge swathes of content from existing storage locations. iconik is capable of indexing content from numerous media sources whether they be a local SAN or existing cloud storage, including aggregating the metadata and the rights involved.

Customisable features are a given with Cantemo’s newest solution which, like Portal, offers an extensive API for third-party integrations, allowing the customer the opportunity to extend and customise the solution.

iconik’s cloud-based system can also be cost-effectively opened up for use by entire organisations, as its single source of truth for media. As a result, external stakeholders based in different locations can be extended access to a highly collaborative workflow where projects can then be created, distributed and intelligently managed by iconik, even conforming to specified timelines. These files can then be reviewed and improved live within iconik, and all annotations and comments fed back into the NLE as markers.

Implemented within iconik is an intuitive user experience, offering a change of interface depending on the user. This way, those who may not be professional media managers can still access the content housed within the system in a much more user friendly manner.

In order for Cantemo refine its newest solution, iconik is currently only available in beta version to a limited number of existing customers. The valued opinion of current Portal users will allow Cantemo to be sure iconik is suitable and prepared for general release later this year.

Cantemo will be offering demonstrations of the newly launched iconik at NAB Las Vegas, booth SL9024. For more information please visit: