1. See what a distributed, scalable, load-balanced, multi-user, media and metadata ingest platform can do for you

The new Glooport media|producer is a truly innovative product that will transform file ingest into a simpler, cost effective and productive process. Whether your file ingest needs are consumer and mobile media formats from iPhones and GoPro cameras or high-end content like Sony XOCN with LUT’s, media|producer can solve the problem of getting all your file-based content into your broadcast and production workflows.

With media|producer, you are not limited to ingesting files locally. You can ingest in-house, on-site over WAN, or when completely off the grid by using a floating license in the field. Finally - an ingest solution that works how and where you need it to!

Of course, media|producer is just one of our products that integrates with Cantemo Portal. Thanks to Portal’s open API, we can easily achieve our goal of enabling interoperability between numerous solutions, meaning we are one step closer to our goal of solving the workflow puzzle.

Our knowledgeable team of experts will be on hand throughout IBC Show at booth 7.D03 to discuss multi-vendor integrations in more detail.

2. Learn how to take control of all your incoming feeds

Gloobox LiveOps is a web-based live ingest control application built for facilities and customers working on sports, live events, and multicamera ingest. LiveOps is designed to give multiple users remote control and monitoring of multiple channels across multiple Gloobox Capturer servers. The web-based, multi-viewer application controls both live capture and SDI playback. Our newest solution will be launched at IBC so pop by our stand to find out how Gloobox LiveOps can improve your ingest capabilities.

3. Find out how a fully automated file ingest solution can speed up your production pipeline

Productions, like Reality TV, can have hundreds of hours of files that need to be quickly ingested, renamed, tagged, organized and backed up. At our booth, our team will be available to explain how Gloobox Ingester can do all of this automatically as soon as a card is mounted or content is placed in a watch folder. With Gloobox Ingester’s smart templates, metadata profiles, and naming rules, content can be ingested, transcoded, renamed, tagged and stored in the right locations without any user interaction!

4. Find the solution to your complex capture problems

Do you need IP capture? Support for 4k 60p? Progressive frame rates? Gloobox Capturer 3.0 can handle all that and more. With support for up to 4 channels of HD or 2 channels of 4k video over Quad 3G SDI or SMPTE 2022-6 and 2022-7 uncompressed IP. Gloobox Capturer can now be controlled by Avid | Interplay capture, ingesting up to 3 resolutions per channel to multiple storage systems and automatically checking content into Avid Interplay. And with the new loop recording feature, you can set a custom record loop so you’ll never miss the start of recording again.

5. Discover how to park, retrieve, transform, and outgest files from Avid | Media Central

Glooport media services can add powerful functionality to your Avid | Interplay environment without adding complexity to your workflows. Full or partial media parking, retrieving, transcoding and outgest can all be done simply by moving clips or sequences to a folder. This same action can be used to copy, move or transcode content across multiple Interplay systems and facilities. We’ll be happy to discuss all of this further at IBC Show, as well as how our solutions integrate with Cantemo Portal! Come and say hello at booth 7.D03!