The broadcast industry’s shining beacon of the year is always IBC in Amsterdam. Where better to go to immerse yourself in the amazingly innovative nature of our industry? For Object Matrix it’s a trip that we never get tired of. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and we get to breathe in the stunning canals, eat great food, and get to talk to all about our favourite subject. It’s a weekend that we always look forward to repeating, no matter how much out feet hurt at the end of it all. So why should you take the time out of your busy IBC schedule to come and have a chat with us? You will be able to find us at booth 6.C28.

1. We are showcasing our updated Process in Place technology

This year at IBC our showcase piece is the Process in Place (PiP) solution. This is great for reducing time and effort finding content that you ingest, or receive from 3rd parties or internal teams. No one wants to have to manually tag content every time it is ingested so that it can be easily found. We at Object Matrix decided that processing was one of those things that needs to catch up with the rest of technology to meet the standard. PiP automatically extracts metadata embedded in the file (AS11, AS10, Adobe XMP etc), indexes it and makes it searchable. Talk about efficient, right? This brilliant solution will help cut down on unnecessary hours as well as meaning that you will be able to find files in a flash because they will all be stored neatly.

2. DR for Free??

We are launching some incredible offers from 5, 10 and 20 petabyte packs, offering a complete object storage offering for less than £100 / terabyte, through to free MatrixStore digital content governance platforms that can be used to implement disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

3. Deleted something? Wish you had a trashcan?

At the show are launching new Trashcan functionality on the MatrixStore DCG platform. This works in much the same way as the trashcan on your personal computer. If anything is deleted, whether it be by accident or on purpose, it can be set not to disappear but instead be stored in a Trashcan. This means that providers don’t have to worry about accidental or malicious deletes and that the content can be restored to the device.

4. Make sure your data is secure

A major topic in the industry as of current is data security and disaster recovery plans, especially following a number of high profile attacks. The media industry is particularly vulnerable due to the high value of content and because that content is often kept in one place. We can talk to you all about MatrixStore and how it is fully equipped to keep you content safe. Moreover, we provide a strong level of service for disaster recovery. Why not come and have a chat with us and we can talk you through exactly how we have become one of the most relied upon providers of Digital Content Governance.

5. Find out how others use of Digital Content Governance solutions

Our Digital Content Governance solutions have become popular, giving our customers more than just storage. We would love to tell you all about how they work, and who they have worked for. For example, our solutions have been used to fix issues from storing large amounts of data inefficiently. Come and have a chat with us and find out why they said that ‘The reliability of the platform is excellent, I feel confident that our media is protected’. We can also tell you about how our disaster recovery platforms prevented misfortune for MTA after their files were caught in a fire.

And of course our solutions also integrate seamlessly with Cantemo Portal, giving our customers a complete and efficient workflow. Ultimately the combination of our solutions with Portal gives joint customers a seamless way of managing all their media, right through to the storage. A large number of joint customers can’t be wrong!