It feels like we’ve only just recovered from IBC but it’s now almost time to head across the pond for NAB New York at the Javits Convention Centre.

Although NAB NY isn’t the biggest show in our calendar, the Cantemo team always enjoys the two-day conference. For a start, it’s one of the most intimate shows we attend which means it’s always a friendly show, with a great community and a unique networking experience. Having said this, the quality of the exhibitors never ceases to amaze me, and this is a testament to the high-concentration of brilliant tech companies based in New York.

Trade shows often seem to leave us feeling a little worse for wear, but they’re essential for several reasons. Some companies might call it ‘generating leads’, but we call it connecting with likeminded people. Myself and the team know our products are great, and we also know that both Portal and iconik can transform the way users find, produce, create and manage video content. But trade shows are a perfect opportunity for other people to see them in action, so they can form their own opinion.

The trouble is, our industry is so multinational that it can difficult to find the right solution to fit your organisations’ needs. And why should you settle for one that’s not up the job just because its vendor is based in the same region?

Cantemo at NAB Show 2017

But tradeshows bring people together. When we demo our products at an exhibition, whether it be IBC, NAB Las Vegas or NAB New York, potential customers don’t have to take our word for what they can achieve with an intelligent media management solution. They can put Portal or iconik through its paces, with the Cantemo team on hand to explain how every step of their workflow can be customised to build a bespoke solution with a number of our partner’s integrations.

At NAB New York, we’ll be demonstrating Cantemo iconik for one of the final times before it will be officially released. While in beta mode, feedback from product demos offers valuable feedback and insight into what users are liking, and perhaps what they’re finding difficult to navigate.

We’re also looking forward to showcasing the improvements to Cantemo Portal 3.2 to our US Audience for the first time. The latest version of Portal features significant improvements to the search functionality thanks to a new search API. As the amount of video content being produced continues to grow, it’s never been more imperative to be able to find relevant content on the fly.

In between manning our stand at the show, we always try to make time to take a walk around the NAB NY hall. With such a large gathering of the industry’s key players, tradeshows are often the site of major product launches. As such, NAB New York will be a great opportunity to catch-up with the latest tech and see ‘what’s hot’.

There’s also some informative sessions to attend (if we find the time!). Our partner Quantum’s Senior Director of Media & Entertainment Solutions Marketing, Keith Lissak, will be speaking during a very interesting session focusing on Artificial Intelligence. He’ll be discussing how AI offers a powerful solution for maximizing the value of video content.

Thanks to the Google Video Intelligence API, iconik offers users automated video image recognition upon ingestion, creating extremely searchable content even amongst millions of files. AI is at the heart of this, so we’re looking forward to hearing what Keith and the other session speakers have to say.

Last, but most definitely not least, tradeshows like NAB New York give us the chance to reconnect and catch-up with our brilliant network of partners. This year we’re co-exhibiting with Archiware, Backblaze and Tools on Air. Partnerships are key to being able to offer customers complete end-to-end workflows, with integrations that complement one and other. But not only this, our group of partners push us to innovate and improve, and give us an environment to share ideas and solve problems.

If you want to meet with us to discuss partnerships, our products, or just to find out more about the latest industry developments, please contact us.

Here’s to another successful show, I hope to see at our booth, N964!