Cantemo and Object Matrix have announced an integration between Cantemo’s hybrid cloud media management solution, iconik, and MatrixStore, the media focused private cloud offering built on digital content governance and object storage from Object Matrix.

The integration enables a hybrid cloud workflow, with iconik able to manage assets stored in the cloud and locally within MatrixStore. This means customers can continue to have multiple petabytes of data stored locally within the MatrixStore private cloud platform, whilst being able to have a public cloud workflow tapping into that storage.

iconik continually monitors the items within any number of MatrixStore nodes, wherever they are located, and detects anything that changes, which can trigger automated workflows. It can also either host the original or proxy versions of items in the cloud, giving all users, wherever they are based, a holistic view of assets, without unnecessarily using up valuable cloud storage space. Both solutions ensure that assets are fully searchable, making them available for instant sharing, re-use, and distribution.

The combination of iconik and MatrixStore means that customers can have business logic in the cloud, whilst being able to store vast libraries of content locally within MatrixStore. Thanks to the adaptability of both solutions, the integration went smoothly and I believe it will deliver great workflow possibilities for our customers.


Hybrid cloud workflows, such as this bring great operational and economic efficiencies, giving customers the benefits of the cloud without the huge costs of storing the entire library there. I believe we will see a huge trend for media companies moving towards a more hybrid approach over the coming year.


The combined solution enables future-proof scalability. iconik utilises the elasticity of the cloud to scale up and down based on actual demand. At the same time MatrixStore can be quickly and easily scaled both on premise and off premise as a managed hybrid cloud storage service.

Both iconik and MatrixStore will be demonstrated at BVE (booth #F14 and #Q23 respectively) from 27th February to 1st March and at NAB (booth #SL5007 and #SL5005 respectively) from 7th – 12th April.