Want to know why Cantemo Portal is the solution chosen by some of the world’s biggest media and entertainment brands to manage billions of Euros worth of content? Then meet us at booth 7.D67 at IBC. Here’s what we’ll be showcasing on our stand:

Pre-release previews of Portal 4.0

Having undergone a number of significant upgrades, the latest version of Cantemo Portal will be on show at our booth where we’ll be offering pre-release previews. Portal 4.0 provides significantly better performance and improves the efficiency of workflows, featuring:

Upgrades to Elasticsearch, Python and Django

Includes API support for Elasticsearch aggregations, making searching and indexing even the largest of content libraries simple, quick and accurate.

Improvements to Cantemo Agent

Includes Single Sign-On (SSO) support in the Agent, accelerated file transfer using Aspera, and increased feature parity between Cantemo Agent for Windows and Mac.

The Agent is also now capable of limiting bandwidth consumption, as well as the number of concurrent transfers. Users will also be able to retry uploads and downloads in the case of errors, and pause, resume or cancel transfers that are in-progress.

Improvements to Cantemo Agent

New roles have been added which means administrators can more finely manage which users, or groups of users, have access to certain content or features.

Artificial Intelligence for Video Management

AI looks set to revolutionise the way video content is produced, in sectors like marketing, broadcasting and sports, to name just a few. Particularly in the broadcasting space, where archives are huge and difficult to manually manage, AI has massive potential. If, for example, an actor becomes popular all of a sudden, an AI-enabled MAM solution could use AI to automatically identify content featuring this actor and add these to the distribution line-up for a television channel. It’s also applicable to breaking news in the same scenario, perhaps upon the retirement of a famous sports star for example.

The next steps are automated scripting/storyboarding, as well as the discovery of the most suitable clips based on the purpose of the asset. You can read more about AI-assisted content production in one of our latest blog posts.

Artificial Intelligence
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Our Manager, North America, Mike Szumlinski, will be speaking in the IABM Future Theatre at IBC 2018, in a session titled: “How could Artificial Intelligence technology improve the efficiency of media management workflows and help us better manage video content libraries?” Don’t miss it in hall 8, stand F12 on Monday 17th September between 16:10 – 16:30.

At booth 7.D67, we’ll also be demoing iconik, our AI-enabled cloud hub for video management. The solution is capable of integrating with AI technologies to automatically tag content upon ingestion with metadata, recognising even minute entities and objects. You can find out more about iconik here.

Asset Management for OTT

At booth 7.D67, our experienced team will be on hand to discuss how Portal can help OTT providers better manage their assets.

With so many different versions of content needing to be managed, all for different platforms and devices, it can become a media management nightmare. Some of this content will even need to be available in several different languages, and it can all become a bit too complicated when it comes to getting this to the right place at the right time. Within Portal, support for sophisticated metadata descriptions means OTT providers can properly tag different versions of content, and setup automated workflows to make sure the right version always gets to the right place. Read more about this here.

Whatever it is you want to know more about at IBC, we’ll be at stand 7.D67 between 14th-18th of September offering demos of our truly next generation media management solutions.