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Automate-IT has developed an extension to Adobe® Photoshop CC to connect the leading imaging and design app with your favourite MAM platform Cantemo Portal™. This very tight integration offers significant enhancements and an improved experience for the graphics team to collaborate with the rest of the Portal community of users.

The HTML5 panel allows users to find and pull content from Portal and to publish back to the MAM platform directly from Photoshop in a fluid, secured, and controlled manner!

share-IT uses the PortalScript™ engine and offers:

Load media

  • Browse, search and import media from Portal within Photoshop.
  • Open selected ID in a browser to review the clip and associated data.
  • Display media name, asset ID, asset type and file format inside the Panel.

Save media

  • Update existing item or create a new one.
  • File formats for the saving process can be restricted to the relevant ones only.
  • Comments can be easily added directly from the Panel.

Settings and console

  • All connection settings available from a single tab.
  • Each request is logged in a console to track licence or connection issues.
  • The number of thumbnails per page can be configured to improve the experience.

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PROFILE Panel for Adobe Prelude CC

Media Smiths

Mediasmiths PROFILE Panel bridges the gap between Adobe Prelude CC and Cantemo Portal.

We know that Adobe Prelude CC is a great environment for reviewing and organizing your video files. We also know that Cantemo Portal has extensive annotation possibilities, making it much easier to ensure your files are organised in a way that makes sense to you.

The PROFILE Panel combines those functionalities, making the process of reviewing, selecting, and annotating media files much smoother and quicker for you. You can work in Adobe Prelude CC as usual, whilst still getting all the functionality of Cantemo Portal at the same time.

The PROFILE Panel also has offline functionality, so you can review, select the shots you want, and use the extensive Cantemo Portal metadata forms before you even leave the shoot.

Fast Selection And Logging

Use the templates you have defined in Cantemo Portal directly from within Adobe Prelude CC. Make full use of predefined fields, streamline and standardize your logging to ensure you never lose your media again.

Freedom Of Offline Working

Work with your predefined templates without a connection to Cantemo Portal and sync media later. This allows you to select and log the shots you want on the way back from the shoot—on the bus or the plane—and immediately start work on them in Portal when you return.

The Tools You Know

Use the tools you already know to manage your ingest and logging. The Profile Panel seamlessly bridges the gap between Adobe Prelude CC and Cantemo Portal – the tools you already know.

Woody in2it

Woody in2it, the smart ingest tool.

Woody in2it is a smart and intuitive software dedicated to ingest of any media into the PAM or MAM. It covers hundreds of file formats and allow journalists, editors or technical operators to preview, select, name and index their clips before making them available in the production environment.

One tool for all video sources

Woody in2it is both easy to use and powerful. Supporting P2, XDCAM, Canon, GoPro and many more, it handles transcoding, rewrap, partial ingest and metadata processing. Combined with PortalScript, it represents an easy way to ingest your content into Cantemo Portal.

Your workflow under control

Using mandatory custom fields, metadata mapping and clips naming rules, Woody in2it ensures the proper organisation of all your assets in Cantemo Portal. The HTML 5 user interface is intuitive and configurable. You can create different ingest profiles to handle various workflows


Lapins Bleus Conseil

Lapins Bleus Conseil has developed a scripting language dedicated for Cantemo Portal including a packed web-services layer which can be used to extend the features of the product. The functionalities include

Folder ingest feature

Item relations

Monitoring tool for your scripts

Web-services framework

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PortalScript Scheduler™

Lapins Bleus Conseil

PortalScript Scheduler from Lapins Bleus Conseil enables triggering customized scripts from Cantemo Portal repetitively.

Example usage:

Purge items scripts triggered every night.

Reporting script sending reports on a weekly basis.

Backup script executed every night.

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Studio CDN

StudioCDN Cantemo Portal App
StudioCDN Cantemo Portal App

Leading Cantemo Portal systems integrator NMR has developed a plugin, allowing users to transcode, export and upload directly to the StudioCDN online digital watermarking and sharing service.

StudioCDN allows you to transfer music, video, images and more by utilizing state-of-the-art “Wormhole” technology, ensuring not only fast delivery, but a secure, fully-trackable transfer.

Advantages of the Cantemo Portal/StudioCDN integration:

Share and manage assets from Portal directly with the StudioCDN secure platform.

Limit StudioCDN access to specific Portal user groups.

Activity can be tracked on each share within Portal.

Full StudioCDN client functionality within Portal

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Social Send


SocialSend is a plugin app for the Cantemo Portal media asset management system. It installs on existing Cantemo Portal systems and provides additional features to help with distribution of content to social media outlets. SocialSend automatically transcodes media into a compressed high resolution format optimal for social distribution. These settings can be changed by an administrator at any time to reflect changes for all distribution. Social media outlets can be set at the admin level and allow for multiple users with proper rights to send to a shared social media account. Instead of manually exporting, encoding, uploaded, delivering, and tagging your content, SocialSend allows for simple 1-click sending to many different social media outlets.


Meta Media Creative Technologies

ScriptRunner™ is a Cantemo Portal™ App developed and owned by Meta Media Creative Technologies. It subscribes to metadata changes in the exact same way as Apple Final Cut Server used to do.

It does so by “listening” for a specific set of metadata conditions, and will be triggered dependent on whether one of more of those conditions had recently changed.

Multiple executables can be defined and associated to a metadata condition. You can order (and reorder) the executables. The next script will only fire if the previous one returned successfully.

There is a built-in log that shows when each executable fired, and what status was returned when the script finished. Its intention is to keep executables firing from Final Cut Server relevant when switching to Cantemo Portal™, but of course it can be used to "leave" Cantemo Portal™ and get the functionality you want.