November 28, 2021

A New Era for Cantemo

By Parham Azimi, co-founder & CEO, Cantemo

We have just announced the acquisition of Cantemo by our friends at Codemill. Before I sign off as the CEO, and continue my journey of leading iconik, I wanted to give my thoughts on the history of Cantemo and its exciting future.

Why I Began This Journey

Back when we launched Cantemo in 2010, we knew we wanted to change the then current market of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions. Having come from a background of traditional MAMs, myself and my co-founder knew their limitations as well as the huge potential for an out-of-the-box solution that could easily respond to current and evolving market needs in a much more scalable way. We also saw that as the video industry was continuing to evolve, the needs would vary for each broadcaster and media company. And that conviction was right as we have seen our customers truly tap into the flexible and scalable nature of Portal to build the MAM that best fits their needs.

Creating Customer-centric Change

Even back then we knew the industry was changing fast, but I’m not sure anyone could have truly predicted how fast it would evolve, especially over the past year. One trend that has stood out in particular over recent years is the growing complexity of the media landscape. There are more tools for every part of the workflow than ever before. This means that media content providers of any type and size, are having to navigate a fragmented market and piece together the parts they need for their specific workflow. This can be a challenge even for the large, media tech-savvy organizations.

It is one reason why we have always put a lot of our focus on ensuring tight integrations with other parts of the media workflow to simplify that for our customers. With so much complexity, it is not surprising that we are beginning to see a number of consolidations in media technology, such as this acquisition. As companies begin to join forces, it makes the customer journey much simpler, with fewer pieces to juggle.

Cantemo Has a Promising Future in Trusted Hands

I am really excited to watch Cantemo’s future with interest. We always knew that the time to step back would eventually come but it was important to ensure it would be acquired by a company with a shared vision and company culture. Having worked closely with Codemill since the early days of Cantemo, we know the people and the company well, and there isn’t another company that shares our values and our view of the market more than the leaders of Codemill.

Codemill and Cantemo CEOs

When it comes to product development, Codemill has the same approach to integrations with its own product suite. Our work in the past on a number of customer projects, including with ITV, Viacom and ProSieben.Sat1, means that we already know that our products sit well together. I know that Codemill will be working hard to further enhance the integration of Cantemo Portal with Accurate.Video. as well as continuing to support and further the existing integrations with our technical partners.

Another thing that has been important for us as a company is our channel partners. This strategy will not change and channel partners will remain vital to the continuing success of Portal. The acquisition shouldn’t change the relationship, but it will give our channel partners access to more products and more support if needed.

I know that Cantemo will be in great hands, including Martin Fellbrink who will continue as CTO. It just remains for me to wish the Codemill and Cantemo teams every success for what I know will be an exciting future!

What’s Next for Me and the Board?

As the rest of the current board and myself prepare to transition, we will be solely focused on iconik, which became a separate entity in June 2019. With iconik, we are democratising media management for the wider market with an agile SaaS solution made for the hybrid cloud.

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