November 28, 2021

Cantemo 5.1 is Here

Cantemo is now part of Codemill but that hasn’t stopped the updates coming. This latest version makes it easier than ever for video professionals to focus their time and efforts on the creative process.

This update brings: - A brand new panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro - Edits to the look and feel of pop-ups and thumbnails - An updated media bin to enable entire collections to be moved simultaneously - Integration with Accurate.Video Validate and Poster (more details to follow)

Read the full press release below:

Stockholm, Sweden, 28th October 2021 – Cantemo, now part of Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL), has announced the latest version of its flagship Media Asset Management Solution. Cantemo 5.1 features a brand new panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro, as well as updates to the User Interface.

Cantemo is a highly customisable, modular, and scalable Media Asset Management platform. Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables post-production professionals to continue working in their familiar environment, with Cantemo working in the background on file management tasks. Through the Cantemo integration, editors can directly access the functionality of Cantemo without leaving Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO, Cantemo, commented: “The existing integration with Adobe Premiere Pro has proven invaluable to Cantemo users over many years. This update makes the workflow even more powerful and more streamlined. This, coupled with some improvements in the UI and our recently announced integration with Codemill’s Accurate.Video Validate, significantly improves workflows for video editors, as well as QC and technical operations teams.”

Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for professional video at Adobe, added: “We value integrations that enhance the efficiency of creative workflows for our users. The combination of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a key component of Adobe Creative Cloud® and Cantemo helps editors and video professionals focus on what they do best: creating great content.”

Cantemo 5.1 also features a number of User Interface enhancements, including edits to the look and feel of pop-ups and thumbnails and aligning colours for status alerts. The media bin has been updated to enable entire collections to be moved simultaneously.

Read the release notes here.

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