November 28, 2021

OTT Market set to soar in Latin America new data shows

Image of a livingroom with a TV with a screen with Netflix

At DriveSys, we work with a number of leading video players across Latin America, helping them to control and manage a growing library of content with solutions, such as Cantemo Portal. One trend we are currently seeing take hold in the region is Over-the-Top (OTT). This is likely to have a significant effect on infrastructure requirements.

The technical costs and complexities of developing new OTT offerings are falling, local infrastructure is gradually improving, and there is a growing number of local businesses - from start-ups to large media conglomerates focused on this Marketplace. Research shows that major pay-TV providers are investing in regional content and services, tailored to local interests, increasing consumer awareness and paving the way for significant market growth by 2018.

Indeed, revenue for over-the-top companies (OTT) is expected to quadruple in five years, according to forecast by ABI Research published recently. With $ 8.2 billion in revenue expected by the end of this year, the industry is expected to grow exponentially and secure $ 32 billion by 2017.

Further Research launched by Vindicia and Ooyala, a provider of video, analysis and advertising technology, evaluated the OTT Premium service in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. According to the survey, the national OTT Premium market is expected to increase from $180 million to $460 million by 2018, a growth of more than 150%.

In all markets, participants realize that demand for national and regional content is great - consumers identify that existing offerings are focused on US-based content and do not represent national content interests. Netflix currently accounts for about 65% of the Latin American market and is believed to maintain most the market in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina in 2018. However, participants expect the share of Netflix's market is expected to decline to 2018 with the entry of domestic providers gaining strength and providing services that are more suited to Latin American markets.

This is great news for the incumbent TV providers, however delivering services to multiple platforms, and even regions, means it is more important than ever to have the right tools to properly manage that content and an evolving workflow. Solutions such as Cantemo Portal are therefore becoming increasingly essential, allowing the easy transfer, management and sharing of files, ensuring the right video is in the right place at the right time. Also, with OTT, getting the content released within very short timeframes is crucial, even more reason to have automated workflows in place, which can be created within Cantemo Portal, making those processes all the more efficient.

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