November 28, 2021

Portal 5.0 is Here

Cantemo Portal™ 5.0 will offer greater control and peace of mind around media management. The road to Portal 5.0 has been paved with 500 upgrades from our devoted team. These upgrades include new features, simple improvements, and responses to the challenges facing our customers and partners.

This update brings:

  • A better item page
  • A powerful, new table view for searches
  • A more functional recycle bin
  • A totally new audit tool
  • And a whole lot more...

The New Item Page

Portal’s item page has received a lot of improvement in this update.

Updated item page in Cantemo Portal 5.0
  1. Improved History Page: This new history page shows the entire history of an item from start to end. You can even filter the history to see things like who added the item, when metadata was updated, and more.
  2. Improved relations page: You now have the ability to “go to all related”. With all related items in view, you can do batch metadata updates or any number of things.
  3. Improved Access rights: Access rights are now easier to manage and understand with filters. You can filter for permission types, users, and groups. It’s also more simple to add new rights as well.
  4. Metadata link: We added a link to jump to the item metadata.
  5. Made with React: This view is now more dynamic, responsive, and uses public REST APIs that are available for everyone.

So much time is spent in this view of Cantemo Portal. Every improvement, no matter how big or small, goes a long way in creating a better user experience.

A Dynamic, New Table View

Portal 5 brings a new way to view your asset search results with the table view. You can customize this view with as many fields and columns as you want to see the data that’s most important to you. This new view replaces the list view from previous versions of Portal.

The new table view in Cantemo Portal 5.0

Do More With the Recycle Bin

The recycle bin now functions much like a search page with the ability to filter results. You can filter for file types and date ranges to quickly find items and restore them.

The Audit Tool Has Been Overhauled

The audit tool updates in Portal 5 are massive!

  • Audit reports are created and compiled in the background.
  • The new audit wizard makes creating new audits a simple task. You can schedule when to do an audit, and set time intervals.
  • Scheduled audits can be configured to show in your notifications and in an email that will bring you to the audit in Portal. From there, you can download it as a JSON CSV or XML file.
The revised audit tool in Cantemo Portal 5.0

New Rules Engine Notifications

If by chance the rules engine fails to run on an item, a notification will now be sent to the Portal admins.

Portal is More Responsive

Whether you use Portal on a large monitor or in a small panel as you edit, your Portal workspace will look great. The item page, among other views, reflects this the most.

New Job Priorities

Jobs priorities can be configured based on the job type. An example of this would be to set a low priority to jobs that are creating thumbnails. Based on that job type, 10 or 10,000 thumbnail jobs would not interrupt other higher priority jobs.

New job priorities in Cantemo Portal 5.0

New Archive Framework Plugin

Portal users can now use the new Vidispine Archive Framework plugin. With this, you can configure any storage like MatrixStore Object Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and Amazon Glacier as an archive.

The revised audit tool in Cantemo Portal 5.0

Many New API Endpoints

To make greater use of your media’s data, Portal also has 22 new API endpoints for retrieving and manipulating collections and items.

New APIs in Cantemo Portal 5.0

Portal Component Upgrades

Also, we’ve updated more of the important Portal components. We have:

  • Added support for Red Hat Linux 8, CentOS 8
  • Added support for Redis to replace memcached
  • Updated to Python 3.8
  • Removed support for Red Hat Linux 6, CentOS 6

Updated to Vidispine 5.5

With this update, Cantemo Portal now has:

  • Support for new cloud storages such as Google Cloud and Azure buckets
  • New script engine for jobs
  • Upgraded Solar to 8.1
  • Updated Java to 11
  • External ActiveMQ possible through the installer
  • ActiveMQ 5.15

Release Notes for Cantemo Portal 5.0

If you’ve made it this far, and want to see the complete list of updates in Portal 5.0, come check out our release notes.

We’re extremely grateful for our amazing partners and customers for this last year, and our team is excited to keep moving Cantemo Portal forward.

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