November 28, 2021

Two Frameworks are Better Than None

Later this year will see the launch of Cantemo 2.1, with a number of updates, including one we are particularly excited about – two new frameworks.

We definitely see frameworks as a much needed way to enable easier and more unified integration, making life much easier for third parties than trying to integrate direct on the low-level API. In certain areas, there are two main advantages for using a framework over creating each new app or integration on the API:

  1. It offers a higher abstraction layer: Frameworks are designed to cover a certain area of the product and are built on top of the API. For the third party trying to integrate a new App, this means much of the ground-work has already been done in line with the rest of the product. Many integrations for the same functional area of the product need to carry out a lot of similar tasks. The framework handles those overlapping tasks, leaving the integrator the much more simple task of implementing the specifics, like read and write functions.
  2. It ensures a unified approach and look and feel: For the end customer, the details behind the integration are generally not important. Having a unified and consistent look and feel however is. By using a framework, two different customers can have integration with a different archive solution, for example, but for the end user, the software will look the same, except for any specific branding choices. It also means that you can ensure the same ease of navigation and workflow throughout the entire software.
Cantemo Portal frameworks workflow

Upcoming Frameworks

Portal 2.1 will feature two new frameworks, namely Archive Framework and Transcoder Framework and we have a number of new Apps launching using the frameworks:

Archive Framework

  • StorNext Archive App – integrating Portal with the complete tiered StorNext infrastructure via the framework, giving users full control of managing assets online, nearline, and offline.
  • File System Archive App – this is an open source App for the archive framework, which enables archiving on disk storage from within Portal. See the GitHub project here.

Transcoder Framework

  • Vantage App – for integration with Telestream Vantage transcoder.
  • Episode App – for integration with Telestream Episode transcoder. This app will also be open source, enabling other third party providers to review and see how it was implemented.
  • Generic Transcoder App – this can be used for a general drop folder integration with any generic transcoder.

The official launch of Cantemo 2.1 and these new frameworks will be in Q3 2015, however for our partners, you don’t have to wait that long. We will have a release candidate available at the end of this month, so get in touch if you want to try it out ahead of the official release.

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