Cantemo, by Codemill, is a scalable and modular MAM solution that provides fast search and playback. C easily integrated with mainstream third-party tools, enabling users to continue to work with their files while Cantemo takes care of metadata management in the background.

Powerful integrations with post
production workflows

Using Cantemo as a central store and point of reference you can extend your media asset workflow using your favorite tools. Our integration means that you can work in the environment you are most productive in, with the knowledge that underlying it is a media asset management system taking care of the fundamentals like movement of files and proxy generation.

Final Cut Pro - FCP
Final Cut Pro
Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro

Powerful Search and media playback

Once imported your are in control of your media and its metadata. With both basic and advanced search the ability to save searches allows you to get to the content quickly and accurately.

Asset page

  • Advanced search panels
  • Custom metadata schemas
  • Action cog dropdown
  • Batch functionality

Cloud ready

Advanced Archiving

Cantemo supports numerous archive technologies, including those from; Object Matrix, Quantum, Archiware, Spectra Logic, BackBlaze, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Sophisticated rules based on metadata triggers specific archiving workflows
  • Integration with other archive solutions is quick and simple.
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