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The release of Cantemo Portal 3.1 features an increase in efficiency and better control for users. The latest edition of Cantemo’s Media Asset Management (MAM) solution makes it easier to view add, or alter media files held in the system.

Entire folders can now be uploaded via the web upload tool and users can also edit metadata independently or in bulk. Application of metadata as a whole is improved, whereby Portal can allow certain metadata fields to be automatically inherited from a parent asset to all children assets. This can also be applied to collections of assets.

It is even easier to edit and trim existing video without leaving Portal 3.1. An NLE is no longer required for this action, meaning Rough Cut Editor sequences can be directly rendered into new video files, complete with the correct metadata and transcode profile.

Archived media assets are now better managed, with four new object storages supported on Portal’s Archive Framework. This includes Amazon S3, BackBlaze B2, Spectra Logic BlackPearl, and Microsoft Azure Block Blob storage. The advantage being easier access to archived files within the framework and the ability to create custom rules for archived assets.

Complex Active Directory setups are offered superior flexibility by the AD-integration App, enabling Portal customers to better control user access. Duplication is also no longer a problem for Portal 3.1, which examines the Storage Area Network for existing files when uploading assets.

As a response to an increase in demand, Cantemo is also announcing the immediate availability of their Windows port of the Cantemo Agent Software. As with the Agent for Mac, the Windows port is able to detect and leverage existing SAN links in order to allow for speedier transfer of files between Portal and local editing stations. Cantemo Agent Software is also able to act as a download manager, enabling single-click download of numerous assets from Portal and simplified editing of metadata.

We’re delighted to announce the latest release of our unique Portal system. We are always investing in R&D to ensure that we’re identifying and addressing the needs and challenges of the market. Portal 3.1, therefore, features a significant number of enhancements which will greatly increase efficiency and ease of use for our customers.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo

Cantemo Portal 3.1 will be demonstrated at BVE from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March by NMR, at stand G15, and at NAB 2017 at the Cantemo booth (SL9024). For more information on how Cantemo Portal can help streamline your workflow, visit our website or email us.

Cantemo today announced it has been ranked in the Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50. The award, now in its thirteenth year, recognises the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden.

Deloitte sweden fast 50 banner

Cantemo has experienced substantial growth over the last 12 months, moving offices earlier this year to accommodate a bigger headcount. It anticipates further rapid growth over the coming months, thanks to demand for its modular and scalable media asset management solution, Cantemo Portal, as well as further innovation by its team of developers and engineers.

We are really proud to have been ranked in the Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50. We are in an exciting growth phase, yet our primary focus remains delivering solutions that respond to our clients current and future needs for media management.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo

Cantemo Portal is already being used by a wide range of companies across the globe, from broadcasters, through enterprises, to charities. Existing clients include The Guardian, ITV, The London Symphony Orchestra, unicef, Boston Red Sox, and many more.

Swedish technology companies are standing strong in an extremely competitive international market. This year, the average growth of our Fast 50 companies is 1 408 percent, which beats the average of 1 247 percent over the last ten years.

Erik Olin, partner at Deloitte and responsible for Sweden Technology Fast 50

Cantemo today announced the officiallaunch of Cantemo Portal 3.0. The update, which was previewed at IBC, ensuresboth faster code execution to enhance user experience, and more modern patchreleases to increase system security.

These improvements are thanks to an upgrade to the latest operating systems,CentOS and Red Hat 7, and an upgrade to Python 2.7. It also enables better supportfor more hardware devices, including storage devices, network cards, and otherplugin devices.

Cantemo Portal 3.0 also introduces a Health Check view, monitoring central points ofPortal and providing a live status. It will offer suggestions on the remedy for anyerrors it uncovers, enabling users to resolve them internally with ease and ensure aquicker turnaround.

Portal 3.0 integrates natively with Elemental’s highly performant and scalabletranscoders. This works against Elemental Servers and server clusters. Theintegration is based on the Transcode Framework allowing transcoding jobs to beautomated based on custom workflows from Rules Engine 3.

Using its Archive Framework, Portal now integrates directly with Archiware P5, oneof the most used data management platforms in media and entertainment. Archiveand restore jobs can be triggered either manually, through search results,collections, or the asset page, or as part of automated workflows.

As the media environment is constantly evolving, it is crucial that technology also constantly evolves. These updates are aimed at resolving the challenges facing our users and we will continue to evolve Portal regularly to ensure it continues to meet our users’ needs.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo AB

Cantemo Portal 3.0 is available immediately from resellers across the globe. To finda reseller in your region, please visit our partners page or email

Cantemo will be demonstrating its panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud in its booth (7.K01) at IBC. The panel enables enhanced integration and media and projects collaboration for users of Cantemo Portal™.

Adobe Premiere CC Cantemo Panel

Cantemo Portal is a flexible, modular, and scalable Media Asset Management platform. With many of its users editing content with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, this integration enables post-production professionals to continue working in their familiar environment, with Cantemo Portal available, and working in the background on file management tasks.

The latest version of Cantemo Portal Windows® panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, launched earlier this year, offers a more streamlined user experience, bringing the Windows version more in line with the existing MacOS version of the panel. The close integration allows for seamless content and metadata exchange between Cantemo Portal and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, commented: “Many of our users are working within Adobe Premiere Pro CC, therefore being able to directly integrate with the software is important. We want our users to continue to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable, but at the same time give them the security of knowing that Cantemo Portal is handling the backend, is a real plus.”

“Third-party integrations are key to enhancing the creative experience for our users,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for professional video at Adobe. “The combination of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a key component of Adobe Creative Cloud® and Cantemo Portal helps our users focus on what they do best,creating great content.”

Cantemo will be showcasing the complete Cantemo Portal solution on its booth (7.K01) at IBC

Cantemo will be previewing its upcoming release of its media management platform, Cantemo Portal 3.0 at IBC.

Cantemo Portal is a modular platform, enabling users to build a media management structure to suit their individual wishes and requirements. It integrates easily with other parts of the chain, and a number of pre-integrations make that process even easier for popular tools.

Archiware P5 Integration

Cantemo Portal 3.0 includes native integration with Archiware P5, the long-term software solution that moves data offline to disk and tape. It enables users to archive and restore single items, as well as collections of items in Archiware P5, from within Cantemo Portal. The integration has been added to the Cantemo Archive Framework, giving customers native support alongside the existing offerings of Storage Manager, Oracle DIVArchive, and the standard file system archive.

This version includes an infrastructure upgrade to CentOS version 7.x and Python 2.7.x. This enables significantly faster execution of core Portal code, enables switching to a more performant version of PostgreSQL database, and will also make security patch management easier.

Other features in the future roadmap, which will be demonstrated at IBC include support for timecode-based commenting. Users can share videos both internally with existing users and externally with non-registered users. Once shared, users can add timecode-based comments on the shared video, which will be instantly accessible by the users in the system.

Elemental Server integration will also be demonstrated at IBC, giving users the ability to create and manage a broader range of media files. This integration enables seamless API integration with Elemental Transcoders. The Elemental integration also supports the automated workflow rules available within Cantemo Portal.

Support for managing image sequences will also be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth.

“Demands on our customers are constantly evolving, therefore we place a great deal of importance on ensuring Portal is constantly evolving to continually meet those demands,” commented Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo. “Many of our customers are using Archiware P5, therefore being able to natively integrate it into Portal is an important feature to make their workflow simpler.”

Cantemo Portal 3.0 will be previewed on the Cantemo booth (7.K01) from 9th – 13th September at IBC.

Cantemo today announced the latest version of its flexible Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal 2.4. The latest version includes a number of additional updates to make workflows more efficient and simpler for users.

This includes support for dynamic and static access rules within the Cantemo Rules Engine. Dynamic rules are applied only as long as the metadata rule matches the asset metadata. With static access rules, the rule is set permanently until it is changed or removed manually or by another rule. Metadata values can now be included within the rules to enable intelligent processing and movement of assets depending on those metadata values.

Cantemo Portal 2.4 also introduced enhancements to the advanced search capability, enabling inclusion or exclusion of certain NLE projects or collections when searching. This could be used to apply a group action to all items within a specific project, such as quickly archiving those assets, for example. The collections page now includes filtering by data and media type, plus drag and drop functionality for moving assets and collections into other collections.

The player within Cantemo Portal has also been enhanced, with the upper limit for fast forward and rewind now removed, and the addition of support for slow motion playback, both in forward and rewind.

Cantemo has extended its support for integration with storage methods, with Portal now able to connect with remote SFTP storage and S3 buckets.

Cantemo today announced that the CP Archive App, developed by moosystems, has been acquired by Meta Media™ Creative Technologies (MMCT). The tool is available for immediate purchase from MMCT.

CP Archive App

The CP Archive App is a popular tool, which links Cantemo Portal, Cantemo’s Media Asset Management solution, with the Archiware P5 archiving solution. It enables users to archive and restore single items, as well as collections of items.

Existing customers will have their maintenance automatically transferred to MMCT. Product and development efforts will be supported by moosystems until the end of June 2016, in order to assist existing customers during the transition.

ProVideoTech (PVT) will no longer be handling North American distribution of the CP Archive App. All future support and purchasing enquiries should be directed to MMCT, for existing and future customers alike. PVT will remain responsible for distribution of Cantemo Portal, as well as Cantemo built tools and apps across North America.

Cantemo is currently working to bring integration with Archiware P5 into its existing Archive Framework. The new development has been introduced into the Cantemo development roadmap, giving customers native support alongside the existing offerings of Storage Manager, Oracle DIVA, and the standard file system archive. With this development, existing customers of the CP Archive App will be able to migrate to this new integration at no additional cost.

The new Cantemo P5 App will be available at the end of Q3 2016.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth at NAB (#SL8726) from 18th – 21st April 2016.

For any queries please contact us.

Cantemo Portal has been selected to handle the media asset management at global digital media and technology company, AOL.

AOL selected Cantemo Portal after a six-month long evaluation process, comparing a number of other solutions on the market. The entire project was handled by digital asset management consulting group and systems integrator, XPlatform Consulting (XPC). XPC worked with AOL to define its requirements and evaluate Portal’s capabilities, as well as organising introductions to existing clients and other integrators to enable AOL to build a better understanding of the system’s capabilities.

With a number of solutions already in place for various parts of the workflow, third party integration with other systems and solutions formed a big part of the requirements. Cantemo Portal has been integrated with Aspera Connect, Aspera Orchestrator, and Telestream Vantage.

AOL was also keen to integrate the media asset management system with its own ONE by AOL platform, which is a simple, unified programmatic solution designed to help publishers, including AOL itself, maximise monetization across every format and channel.

Customisation was another key area for AOL, ensuring that the look and feel of the system is in line with the company's own branding. This is particularly important as the system is accessed by staff in four offices worldwide, as well as parts of it being accessed by external partners and customers.

Cantemo Portal was the solution that best matched our requirements, both in terms of functionality and customisation possibilities. We were particularly impressed with Cantemo’s willingness to give us complete visibility of the solution’s future roadmap, as well as giving us the opportunity to discuss Portal with existing customers and vendors as part of the evaluation process.

Vitali Bystritski, Post Technology Lead, AOL Studios.

AOL is a major provider of media content and its ONE by AOL platform is revolutionising content marketing. We are proud that Cantemo Portal is enabling them to manage all that content across multiple offices worldwide. It was also extremely valuable to have the support of an innovative and experienced partner in XPlatform Consulting.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo

Cantemo will be exhibiting and demonstrating Cantemo Portal at NAB (Booth #SL8726) from 18th – 21st April 2016.

WNMU-TV 13, PBS affiliate broadcaster, has selected Cantemo Portal to handle its media workflow.

Having suffered a burst water main, which put extra pressure on an already outdated, end-of-life system, WNMU was looking to overhaul its entire system. The resulting power outage severely disabled the station, so WNMU was clear it needed a modular approach to build in valuable redundancy and make replacing individual components much easier.

We really appreciate the fact that the services we are delivering are reliable and robust, thanks to some of the new technical services that have been installed, including Cantemo Portal.

Eric Smith, General Manager, WNMU-TV 13.

Cantemo Portal has been implemented to manage the broadcaster’s entire workflow. It has been integrated with each component of the new system, meaning everything can be handled and managed within Portal. WNMU has also established a number of custom workflows and rules using the Cantemo Rules Engine.

Cantemo Portal has enabled us to build custom workflows for today, but at the same time has plenty of room for future integration. Having Cantemo Portal in place means that we know, no matter how much content we generate, we can stay in control.

Grant Guston, Chief Engineer, WNMU-TV 13

Having previously been an up-converted SD station, WNMU is now broadcasting two 1080i HD channels and one SD channel, 24/7. This solution has enabled the transition to HD, as well as being future-ready for upcoming formats.

WNMU TV 13 had a very clear set of objectives and wish list, which really helped the station to get a unique and flexible system to meet those objectives precisely. Our modular approach also means that WNMU can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t lose everything should it experience another catastrophe!

Parham Azimi, arham Azimi, Cantemo

A video case study about the implementation at WNMU-TV 13 is available here:

Cantemo will be exhibiting and demonstrating Cantemo Portal at NAB (Booth #SL8726) from 18th – 21st April 2016.

Cantemo has just launched the latest version of Cantemo Portal. It will be showcasing Portal 2.3 at NAB in April.

Cantemo Portal is a Media Asset Management solution, which helps companies of all shapes, sizes, and types, manage their video files, from creation, through editing, to distribution and archiving. The latest version includes a number of updates, all aimed at making the workflow easier and more efficient.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 includes a new generation of its Rules Engine App. Rules Engine 3 allows for custom automations and the creation of more advanced rules and workflows. Rules can include setting specific metadata, determining access control rights, or transcoding files to different formats. Rules can also determine when files should be moved or copied to different storages or even a specific directory within a storage.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 also introduces hierarchical metadata, which is a relation-based way of handling metadata, enabling filtering based on the previous value. Using the Metadata Manager, users can browse and manage all of the different fields and relations within their hierarchy and add items at any given time.

This version of Cantemo Portal also introduces support for Oracle’s DIVArchive using the Cantemo Archive Framework. This new App makes it easy to integrate Portal with its existing DIVArchive solution. Setting up the integration is quick and simple, and also gives users access to a full set of analytics and feedback about those items being archived.

Uploading assets and projects to the storage area networks can now be done via a direct file transfer at line speed, instead of web upload, making the process much faster than previously possible.

In a constantly evolving media landscape, we recognise that our customers need to make their workflows more flexible and efficient than ever before. We are therefore continually updating Cantemo Portal to respond to the challenges that presents.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth at NAB (#SL8726) from 18th – 21st April 2016.

Cantemo, leading provider of next generation Media Asset Management solutions, will be launching the latest version of its flagship solution, Cantemo Portal at IBC.

Cantemo Portal 2.1 introduces a range of new features, aimed at improving ease of use. New features include a fully customizable dashboard, which provides live monitoring of assets, jobs, work lists, and other activity. Users can build their own dashboard apps, giving them complete control over what information is displayed in the dashboard view.

Cantemo Portal Dashboard

The latest version also includes a Transcoder Framework, allowing easy integration with existing transcoders. Telestream Vantage or Episode transcoders can be used as part of the Cantemo Portal transcoder farm, with more integrations due to be introduced shortly.

The Cantemo Archive Framework means Portal can now use the StorNext API natively to manage and archive assets in the StorNext tiered storage and archive solution.

As the demands of media delivery are continually evolving, there is a growing need for Media Asset Management systems to evolve to meet those changing demands. We are continually evaluating the needs of our customers and this latest update responds to the way in which Portal is being used and the features our customers need to get even more efficient.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

Cantemo Portal 2.1 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth (7.K01a) at IBC from 11th – 15th September.

Cantemo, leading provider of next generation Media Asset Management solutions, and CIS Group, digital media systems designer, distributor and integrator have formed a strategic partnership.

The partnership will enable CIS Group to deliver Cantemo’s next generation Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal™ across Latin America. Cantemo Portal is an enterprise-class asset management software able to support small workgroups on a single server or accommodate thousands of users and many nodes in different geographical locations. Core functionalities include feature-rich content management, extensive administration tools, access controls, and intricate metadata structures.

Cantemo and CIS Group will be co-exhibiting at SET Expo Brazil from 23rd - 27th August (booth 26).

The media landscape in Latin America is rapidly evolving right now, with consumers beginning to demand more content available across more platforms. Cantemo Portal will enable our customers across the region to manage that media effectively, which will be crucial for keeping up with that fast pace of change.

Guilherme R Silva, CEO, CIS Group

CIS Group is well established and respected in the Latin American market. Having worked with some clients in this global region already, we are pleased to be working with CIS Group to further expand that presence

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

Cantemo Portal has been implemented by children's leading humanitarian and development agency, UNICEF, to streamline its video workflow.

UNICEF uses video to engage with the public in a variety of different ways, from music videos, through info graphics, to valuable news stories at the time of emergency, reporting on the effect the disaster is having on children and education.

Having been an early adopter of Final Cut Server, the multimedia team at UNICEF had already adopted a system of reviewing and approving materials coming from various locations across the globe every day. With the cease of support for the software, a large media library of more than 200,000 assets, that was exponentially growing, and a daily demand to review materials, it was crucial to get a new system in place.

The transition to Cantemo Portal was handled by Chesapeake, which carried out a full audit of UNICEF's existing workflow to ensure a smooth process.

Cantemo Portal Dashboard

Media is ingested from various locations across the globe into Cantemo Portal. Being a web-based interface means that this can be done in the field, and the producers are also able to review and annotate footage within Portal instantly, regardless of their geographical location. Once a project has been edited and approved, it is distributed to Unifeed (UN satellite feed) for distribution to broadcasters across the globe. At the same time, it is instantly shared across UNICEF’s various social media platforms.

Cantemo Portal is a great collaborative tool. With a small staff of editors and producers to support the production demands of country offices across the globe, we can leverage Portal’s integration and distribution features to focus on creating more content with less resources.

Eduardo Cure, Video Technology Director, UNICEF

UNICEF has very much embraced video as an effective way to reach a wide audience across the globe. We are proud to played our part, enabling the humanitarian and development agency to make the production and distribution process much more efficient, ensuring those videos can be distributed as widely and quickly as possible.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

New Version Integrates with Adobe Anywhere with Mercury Streaming

Cantemo will be demonstrating its latest version of its Cantemo Konnekt™ App on its booth (SL14811) at NAB, from 13th – 16th April.

Cantemo Konnekt integrates its Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal, with the collaborative workflow platform, Adobe® Anywhere. In addition to searching, browsing and proxy editing remotely, the Cantemo Konnekt App allows remote craft editing using Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC from any remote location.

The latest version of Cantemo Konnekt integrates with Adobe Anywhere with Mercury Streaming and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, part of Adobe Creative Cloud®, and features a number of enhancements, including automating the file transfer between Cantemo Portal and Adobe Anywhere. Files and Productions developed within Adobe Anywhere are automatically fed into Cantemo Portal and displayed with an Adobe Anywhere icon for easy identification. Equally, if a Portal Item added to Cantemo Portal Collections is also a Production, it will automatically be added to the Anywhere Production.

Cantemo also intends to integrate Konnekt with the new version of Adobe Anywhere when it becomes available.

Adobe has a strong market position, value-added solutions, and a vision which goes hand-in-hand with our vision of media management. Collaborating with Adobe in this way ensures that our customers can drive their workflows completely remotely, all the way from acquisition to editing, delivering, and archiving.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo

Adobe Anywhere is all about empowering users to collaborate and share media, resulting in the ultimate productivity. Cantemo is making collaboration even easier for our users, streamlining their workflows and increasing their productivity.

Simon Williams, director of business development at Adobe

Cantemo will showcase the complete Cantemo Portal solution, including the latest version of its Cantemo Konnekt App at NAB, on booth SL14811.

Sneak Preview of Cantemo Portal 2.1 at NAB

Cantemo has announced it will be showcasing a sneak preview of the upcoming Cantemo Portal 2.1 on its booth (#SL14811) at NAB from 13th – 16th April.

Cantemo Portal intelligently manages media files throughout the entire lifecycle, from ingest through production, to distribution and archive, ensuring media is available at the right time and in the appropriate format. The latest version will include a number of new features, including Cantemo Dashboard, which gives an easy overview of system and user activities on a per user basis. The dashboard can be extended with customized widgets for a tailored view.

Cantemo Portal 2.1 will also feature Cantemo Transcoder Framework, which allows Cantemo’s partners and customers to easily integrate third-party transcoders. The first App based on this framework enables users to Create Next Generation Workflows with Cantemo Portal and Vantage. It involves comprehensive integration between Cantemo Portal and Telestream Vantage Transcode products, and provides organisations of all shapes and sizes the ability to deploy next generation, file-based asset management and media transcoding workflows. The Framework will also launch with integration between Portal and Telestream Episode multi-format encoding software.

The Cantemo Archive Framework is another new framework from Cantemo, which enables unified integration with third-party archive systems. The first App available on this framework is developed and released by Cantemo and integrates the solution with Quantum architecture using Quantum Storage Manager API.

At NAB, Cantemo will also demonstrate the upcoming version of Cantemo Konnekt for Adobe Anywhere 2.2.

The media asset management landscape needs to evolve, in order to keep up with the fast pace of change within the media and content creation industry. Being able to provide new levels of integration between Cantemo Portal and third party platforms enables our customers to create a bespoke workflow to precisely fit their needs.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

Visitors to the Cantemo booth at NAB (#SL14811) will get a sneak preview of Cantemo Portal 2.1, which will be officially launched later in the year.